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About the Photo Club 

The Caloosa Dive Club Photo Club's (formally known only as the Photo Committee) photo contest is open to Club members who sign-up by filling out the Photo Entry Form located below and submitting along with entry fee by the deadline.  All legally entered photos and videos are shown on Judgement Night for the entire club membership to vote on.  Judgement Night this year is September 10 and the contest closes on August 20.  Every year we take the best photo from every photographer entered and create a Club Calendar for the next year with activities and all the "what's happening" info for the coming year.  We encourage everyone to participate!  Stay tuned for the form to use to enter your individual photos and videos.  Categories remain the same from last year.

2019 Photo Club Entries

The Caloosa Dive Club has a very active Photo Club that sponsors a yearly photo contest. Anybody is encouraged to submit photos durning the entry period. At the end of the year the Photo Club holds a "Judgement Night" where club members vote for their favorites. Awards are presented at the annual CDC Awards Banquet.

Important Photo Club Dates

Photo Club News

Photo Club News

Make sure to attend Feb. 20 presentation on diving the Blue Heron Bridge in anticipation of March 14 BHB dive.

2020 Photo Contest

Be sure to sign up for the 2019/20 photo contest using the Photo Entry form.  It's never too early!

The Fish of the Year for 2020 is The Eel.

Photo By John Muensterman

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2019 Best in Categories

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Updated on: 10 Nov 2019

2019 Photo Contest Winner

Are You My Mommy

Terry Wells


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