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Sandy Canning

Club dives with Jupiter Scuba Diving (Kyalami) July 25 & 26, 2020

  • 5 Aug 2020 8:58 PM
    Message # 9147384
    Sandra Canning (Administrator)

    Club members gathered Saturday morning for our Club dives on Kyalami, the big red boat - no, wait, it was just Jerry and I!  I was asked by a couple of the staff "What happened to your dive club?"  - I had no answer for that one.  

    Anyway, Saturday morning was a little "sporty", as we like to call it - 2'-4' waves made getting on & off the boat a bit of a challenge, but all the divers on the boat made it back safe and sound.  I have to admit that Jerry and I get delayed taking pictures and sometimes lose the divemaster, which is fine if we're on the ledge and it doesn't disappear on us.  The first dive we lost the group and lost the ledge and ended up West of where we should have been on Bonnie's.  The drop was a little off and the vis was 30'.  Water temp was 82 and we did see Loggerhead turtles, Green Moray Eels, two big Southern Stingrays and all the tropicals we usually encounter diving the East coast. Second dive on Leigh's Ledge similar (only I didn't lose the ledge), with similar spotting, with the addition of Hog Fish & Grouper.

    Day 2, Sunday, Vis and temp the same as yesterday, except we hit a few cold spots of 79.  It's amazing how much colder that seemed than 82!  Felt more like 10 degrees!  The seas were down quite a bit in the 2'-3' range and we saw the usual tropicals, Lionfish, Southern Stingrays, & Green Moray (one free swimming).  Jerry saw squid (I was jealous) and I saw a small Squilla (false mantis shrimp), but they are so hard to get pictures of since they skeedattle whenever they see me and my big camera.

    The weather was nice both days after we went through the blinding rain storm on the way out to the first dive site Saturday.  I heard thunder going out and was a little concerned, but it cleared right up and was partly cloudy to sunny the rest of the time.  I was really hoping for that whale shark picture so I could taunt the Club members for being the only ones making this Club dive.

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